About Pastor Archie Aseme

Pastor Archie Aseme is the host of Lighthouse, and is an ardent follower of Rev Chris Oyakhilome Phd. Pastor Archie met Rev Chris for the first time in Jan 1990 when he taught on “Zoe the divine life of God,’’ Pastor Archie connected with the message and since that day he began to follow Rev Chris Oyakhilome and his teachings. Not long after that the Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Archie and said to him to submit himself to Rev Chris because his destiny is tied to him.

The exploits of Pastor Archie is as a result of the teaching, coaching, mentoring, pastoral counsel and guidance from the man of God Rev Chris Oyakhilome Phd. Pastor Archie has committed his life to ministry and is best known for his dedication to proclaiming this unique gospel of the divine life to the nations of the world. God confirming His word with Miracles.